Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Library Affiliate Program?

The Library Affiliate Program recognizes public and university academic libraries as centers for American history learning for students and teachers and offers a range of free resources, program grants, and opportunities for professional development.

Why should my library join the Library Affiliate Program?

The Library Affiliate Program is a gateway to these exclusive resources for public and university academic libraries:

  • Eligibility to receive a $400 grant for student-focused American history programming
  • Free access to one small traveling exhibition
  • $100 credit for Gilder Lehrman’s online History Shop
  • Web portal featuring robust resources for librarians and students.

What is expected of a Library Affiliate?

Each library is asked to make primary and secondary American history materials from the Gilder Lehrman Institute available to students and teachers. Each library is required to complete an annual survey to help us track the effectiveness of the program and the resources offered.


Can districts or consortiums join the Library Affiliate Program?

Each library branch must register individually. However, we encourage library districts or consortiums to make information about the program available to their libraries. We ask each library branch to select one person to serve as Library Affiliate Coordinator.

Can school libraries join the Library Affiliate Program?

At this time the Library Affiliate Program is only open to public libraries and university academic libraries. If you are a librarian at an elementary, middle, or high school, your school may already be part of our Affiliate School Program, which provides similar benefits. Check here to see if your school is an Affiliate School, or register for the Affiliate School Program here.


How do I register? How long will it take to process my registration form?

To register, please use the Library Affiliate application form. Library registrations are reviewed on a rolling basis. Within 10 days, you will receive an email acknowledging that your registration is complete. If you have any questions or experience any problems, you can contact


How do I book a traveling exhibition for my library?

You may book a traveling exhibition online by completing our short application form. Library Affiliates are eligible to receive one small exhibition at no cost. In the application, please make sure to include that your library is a member of the Library Affiliate Program. Exhibitions are booked four to six months in advance and are scheduled based on availability.

How do I apply for Library Affiliate programming grants?

The Institute is pleased to award $400 grants to Library Affiliates for student-focused American history programming. Grants are offered annually to twelve libraries. Visit the Library Affiliate Program Grants page for information about current deadlines. All Library Affiliates are eligible to apply.

How do I obtain a $100 credit or a 25% discount at the History Shop?

Coupon codes for the $100 credit to the Gilder Lehrman History Shop and the 25% discount will be included in your welcome email. The $100 credit cannot be combined with the 25% discount.